River City Mysteries

A disastrous divorce leaves Becca Reynolds just about destitute. Her art history degree has left this twenty-something ill-prepared to earn a living in the real world since she was more interested in dating that loser guy she eventually married fresh out of college than in studying.

And then there is the problem of the occasional murder that seems to happen in her world from time to time. She’s inquisitive and has a strong desire to see good triumph over evil. So she gets involved in solving the crimes and bringing the murderers to justice in the various cases she tackles. The police have dubbed her a murder magnet. She takes great offense to the nickname. But face it, murders do happen when she’s around.

Join Becca and her family and friends in these light-hearted cozy mysteries. They are each stand-alone mysteries, but fans of the series will enjoy getting to know the characters by reading the books in order.

Your Jig is Up – Prequel to the series

Your Eight O’clock is Dead – Book 1

Your Time is Up – Book 2

Your Lights are Out – Book 3

Your Addiction is Deadly – Book 4

Your Secrets are Exposed – Book 5 – available now

All are available in e-book format at popular online retailers. And soon to be available on Amazon in paperback.

Visit the individual pages for each book for more information.