Your Time is Up

A suspicious death

Dangerous secrets uncovered

Old relationships revealed

A sexy Russian mobster who may not be what he seems

A hunky ex-cop turned CPA with an agenda and secrets of his own

And a determined amateur sleuth with one goal – to solve the case and unmask the killer

Becca Reynolds finds herself embroiled in murder again when her best friend stumbles across a dead body. When the death of a beautiful foreigner hits too close to home, Becca decides it’s once again up to her to uncover the truth, ferret out the suspects and sort through the clues to protect those dearest to her.  Not to mention, bring a killer to justice.  But can she outwit the forces of evil in time to prevent more deaths? Or will a series of events force her to put her life on the line again to solve the case? 

Join River City’s plucky amateur detective as she fumbles her way to the truth in Your Time is Up.  Book 2 of The River City Mysteries.