Your Jig is Up

She’s earned a reputation with the police as River City’s own murder magnet.  But it’s a bum rap in her opinion.  It’s not her fault that people do end up dead when she’s around. Good thing she’s smart and inquisitive and willing to risk her life to find the killers in the various mysteries she comes across and bring them to justice.  

Join Becca Reynolds in Your Jig is Up as she starts her life over after a nasty divorce and inadvertently launches her career as an amateur detective in this prequel to the River City Mystery series. 

A new life.  A first job.  And an unexpected death at that job.  Is it an accident or is it murder?  When things don’t add up and a seemingly innocent person is charged with the death, Becca appoints herself the unofficial investigator.  Can she unmask a killer before he or she strikes again?

Find out in the novella that started the series. Join Becca, Granddad and Higgins in a new humorous cozy mystery.