Favorite Yarn Shops

Several years ago when I went through breast cancer, I consoled myself with a few(cough, cough) online yarn purchases.  Okay, a lot of online yarn purchases.  But I considered it a necessary therapy to get me through a rough patch in my life.

Even though I was too sick to knit, the yarn packages helped me so much.  I’d feel the yummy yarn and look at all of the pretty colors and dream of what I would make with it when I was all well.

Unfortunately, chemo leaves you with a brain that is mush.  Forgetfulness is horrible.  So I don’t remember a lot about what yarns were going to become what patterns.  LOL.  But I do have the yarns, and I do still squish and feel them to brighten my spirits on days when the weather is yucky.  Like today.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 places where you can order some beautiful yarns.  In no particular order here they are.  I am not affiliated with any of these shops in any way other than as a customer.  I am a co-moderator for the Knitspot clubs, but that’s it.  More about that later.

Here they are:

  1. Fibre Space
  2. The Loopy Ewe
  3. The Verdant Gryphon
  4. Cephalopod Yarns
  5. DoodleBug Yarns
  6. WEBs Yarns
  7. The Woolen Rabbit
  8. Miss Babs Yarns
  9. Wooly Wonka Fiber
  10. Bare Naked Knitspot Club and Fall in Full Color Club

All of these places have given me great customer service and beautiful luxury yarns.  Life really is too short to knit with ugly yarn.  Pick a few places on my list and visit them.  You may find yourself with some new yarn to give a home to

And I cannot say enough good things about Anne Hanson’s Knitspot clubs.  She is winding down the first club – Fall in Full Color.  It will be back in August with new colors and new Knitspot patterns to delight us.  But for now, we’re gearing up for the Bare Naked Knitspot Club.  Anne is going to be sending us all natural (un-dyed) fibers starting in the middle of February.  Oh my!  Neutrals are out of my blue/green comfort zone, but Anne is such a talented designer, that I cannot wait to see what she comes up with for this club.  It’s like a birthday every month when the package arrives.  And we have FUN in the clubhouse.  We talk about books, diets, yarn stashes, what we’re working on and just life in general.  It’s a safe, warm place to hang out.  No stress. Just good friends and fun.

And if you need a bag or three to put your new yarn and upcoming projects, I’m recommending one of my all-time favorite bag designers.  Check out Michele’s site 3 Bags Full here.

Hope I’ve got you cruising the internet and hope you have a few things coming your way.  You deserve it  : )