Road Trip

On Tuesday nights you can usually find me knitting with my local knitting peeps.  They are a fun-loving bunch of women.  I’ve been a part of the group for about a year, but these ladies have been together for quite a long time.  In fact, I used to see them knit at a local bookstore.  They were having so much fun, they inspired me to pick up my needles and start knitting again. Little did I know that I would one day become a member of their group.

Every now and then the knitters decide to take a road trip.  In March, we got train tickets to Alexandria to visit Fibre Space – an awesome yarn store in Northern Virginia.

The night before we left, I was so excited I could not sleep.  Now that’s excited!  It’s kind of like when you were little and your parents told you that Santa wouldn’t come if you didn’t go to bed and get some sleep.  Only as an adult, I knew the train would come and go without me.  So I was up bright and early and at the station by 7:30 a.m.

Our train was on time, but the trip north was slow as there was a tree on the track and had to be removed.

Our group staked out the dining car – not for the food, but because we could get tables and spread out and KNIT.

Here are 3 of our party of 9. From left to right that’s Nancy, Mary and Cathy.

And here’s Jo, Linda and Issy (you can’t see dear Issy, she’s behind Linda).  All are busy knitting as the train is picking up speed.

And here are my table companions on the ride up – Janice and Renny.  Everytime I tried to get a good picture of them, something would happen.

The further north in Virgina we got, the more the wooded landscape gave way to water views.  Before we knew it, we were in Alexandria and on our way by foot over bricks and cobblestones to Old Town where Fibre Space is located.

This is what greeted us as we entered the store.  I was running all over trying to get the layout fixed in my head.  And I was in sensory overload.  Even though I’d brought a list to keep me focused, with all of the lovely yarns it was hard to keep to the list.

There was yarn in every nook and cranny.  And wonderfully comfortable sofas, chairs and even a cushy window seat to sit and regroup and refocus.  That’s Renny taking a moment to decide what she’s going to buy.

 Here’s Janice and Mary enjoying that window seat.  Janice was very focused on her knitting.

I finally managed to snap a picture of Issy.  That’s Linda and Issy.  I have no idea what they’re discussing, but they always have lots of information to share.  And they are excellent knitters.  I’m always in awe of what they produce.

Here’s the yarn that Issy helped me pick out for a Color Affection Shawl.  It’s Neighborhood Fiber Company fingering, and I love it.  I’m in love with blue and that dark skein on the right appealed to me straight-away.  The lavender on the left popped out second with Issy’s help and while I was still floundering around in the blues, Issy picked out the pink – which I never would have.  But I love it.  I think this will make a great shawl that will serve me well.

I also selected some Loft and a pattern for it – Sakura by Leila Raabe for Brooklyn Tweed.

I’ve already wound one skein. LOL.  The color is a plum and is breathtaking.  I almost didn’t get it, but one of my peeps who will not be named (Janice) was a prime enabler on this purchase.

The last skeins I bought, I have no idea what I’ll make.  They were blue and so pretty I couldn’t resist.  Also Neighborhood Fiber Company – one of my new favorite yarns.

Aren’t they drool-worthy?  I’m thinking a lovely shawl – probably by Anne Hanson, my favorite designer.   Her Knitspot patterns are my go-to patterns for socks, shawls, mitts, sweaters.  You name it.  She’s brilliant.

After lunch, we strolled around Old Town and I snapped a few more pictures.

Charming city.  Lovely buildings.  Quaint shops.  Fun, fun day.

All too soon we had to race back to the train station to hop the Richmond bound train home.  But we’re planning on making this an annual event.  Good times.  Good memories.  Great friends.

16 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. Wow! What a great yarn store! I think you were very restrained in your purchasing! I love the colours you chose for your Color Affection shawl. That’s on my ‘to knit’ list too. I haven’t got three yarns in my stash that I can put together (amazing though that might sound!!) so it’ll have to wait awhile. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out. I think fellow knitters are always the best enablers!!

    1. Helen, they all think I’m the major enabler. So when they can turn the tables on me, they’re happy. I actually have yarn to make 3 CA shawls. I lucked out and got 2 kits from the Plucky Knitter. It’s an amazing yarn shop. Anne’s visiting there soon to teach. They always have something big going on. : )

  2. What a great trip! Now I feel almost as though I came along too, with the big exception …….. I bought no yarn! Ha ha! That would be an impossibility for Snoops in her real world. I have drooled over all of your gorgeous yarn purchases and can’t wait to see your Color Affection shawl completed, so come on get those stitches cast on! Have a good week. Ros

    1. Awww, thanks, Ros. I wish you could have been there. The store must have made a small fortune off of the Richmond knitters. And we had such a good time. I think I’m going to wind my yarn tonight. Just have to finish the last 40 rows or so of my Sky Ladders throw.

  3. Reading about your fabulous trip and looking at the lovely yarn projects almost makes me wish I could knit. It’d never work though. I’m all thumbs with knitting needles or crochet needles. Can’t do no matter how hard I try!
    Great blog, Kat.

    1. I’ve been knitting since I was 5, Judythe. If I wasn’t a writer, I’d want to own a yarn shop : ) I wouldn’t make any money b/c I’d take home all of my profits in yarn.

  4. Sounds like a fun trip with the girls! Makes me want to visit Alexandria the next time I head to South Carolina from NJ. It would make a good overnight stopping point. Old Town looks neat.

    1. Janice, if you love antiques and little shops of all kinds, this is the place for you. I definitely want to take Jorgie and go up on a day trip just to look around. I think you’d really like it in the historic area.

  5. What a fantastic expedition. I love train trips and I’m even partial to yarn stores even though I spin most of mine. We no longer have passenger trains in Tasmania which is a great shame-catching a bus just doesn’t measure up. I’ve added a couple of those patterns to my favourites too so thanks.

    1. Margaret, FS had gorgeous fiber for spinning. A whole wall of it. I didn’t dare venture near it. I’m not a speedy or a good spinner. Bus rides are nothing like the train : ) Glad you found some patterns.

  6. What a great trip and awesome yarn store. I wish I had been there with you, but I’m sure my credit card is happier that I wasn’t. I’m sure I would have bought a car load. Thanks for sharing a great experience.

    1. This is one reason we take the train. It limits what we buy. But I want to go back already. How sad is that. My credit card took a hit, but I stayed within budget – mostly. Wish you could have been there too!

  7. What a fantastic looking trip! I am so jealous. I wish we had a cool yarn store out here with all that great yarn. I also wish I had a knitting group! LOL. Alas I settle for my friends in the computer. Of course I don’t think of it as settling at all.

    Loving your blog Kat!

    1. Janna, I had to look for a *long* time to find the right knitting group. I actually found them through a class that Anne taught locally. We just clicked. Now I look forward to Tuesday nights so much.

      I also adore all of my online friends. Don’t know what I’d do without them.

  8. Who knew there would be knitting clubs? Margaret’s tweet sent me over here and now I want to learn to knit again. (that, or play piano again, something for a break from writing.) My sister tried to teach me to knit once, but she’s left handed and I’m not, so that didn’t work out so well. My dad, now 86, used to knit when he was boy. Apparently, he had all sorts of mittens with varying lengths of thumbs.
    Thanks for the tour, Kat!

    1. Oh, you should definitely try your hand at knitting again. It’s great fun, relaxing and you meet the best people. My dad is 86 also and he used to knit. He even made a sweater once. Thank you for stopping by. : )

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