Wedding Bells

On June 2nd of 2012, wedding bells rang out loud and clear for my dear son, Michael and his lovely finance Jenna.

We traveled from Richmond to the mountains of Virginia for the outdoor ceremony.  The night before the wedding, we had all kinds of state-wide tornado warnings.  But the day of the wedding could not have been more beautiful.  Blue skies, reasonable temperatures and low humidity.

Michael is an incredible musician.  He calmed his pre-wedding jitters by playing his flute for the guests.

We hadn’t seen Jenna yet, but I’m sure she heard Michael serenading everyone.

Michael and I had a few minutes before the wedding to talk and hug.

Not long after, Jenna walked down from her parents’ house alone and met Michael, who waited for her about a third of the way down to where the rest of us were gathered.  He dropped to one knee and kissed her hand.  That brought tears to my eyes.  I was so busy wiping my eyes that I don’t have a picture of that moment, but this was taken a few minutes later.

They had a long walk together to get to us.  My son, always the clown, had to let out his enthusiasm.  This was so much like he was when he was five.  You can’t tell how happy he was, can you?

The wedding service was beautiful.  Warm, rich in blessings and wise in advice.

Jenna was simply radiant.  And Michael was so handsome – but then I am prejudiced where he’s concerned.

The kids got to relax a bit after the ceremony before we started on the brunch.

Michael isn’t smiling in this shot, but I think that’s because he was glaring at me and my camera.  lol.

The reception tent was filled with wildflowers from Jenna’s family’s property.  Jenna, Michael and her friends really worked to make the decorations and the wedding atmosphere perfect.

And here’s my beloved, Jorgen, hugging me after the wedding.  This day and this picture are all the more precious to me since I lost my darling husband to cancer on October 10th.  It was our last family outing before he became ill.

Michael and Jenna asked me to be one of the people toasting them.  I don’t remember the whole toast, but I did wish for them to have a long, happy married life and to stay as happy as they were on their wedding day. It worked for me.

This last picture might be my favorite from the whole wedding since they look so very happy.

It was an amazing day.  I wish them much love and happiness.  Always.

8 thoughts on “Wedding Bells”

  1. Oh, I so loved the pictures and the picture you paint of that special day. I ADORE that picture of you and your sweet love, Jorgie. I know you hold him as close in your heart and he’s holding you in that photo.

    Endless blessings, love and joy to your son and his bride.

  2. Oh Kat, I had no idea you lost your husband a couple of months ago. I’m really sorry you had to go through that. I lost my husband in 2001, and that first year was a real bugger for me. I’m here to listen to you if you want to talk about it, so just email me if you need a warm ear.

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