Now I Can Play

The taxes are in the mail!!!  I know I shouldn’t be this happy about it, but I am!  It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Now I can play.


I think we should all be able to play.  Play keeps us young.  I find too many adults do not know  to play.  Thankfully, they are not knitters or writers.  Creative types seem to have that built-in sense of what it means to let go and play.

I’m trying to encourage Sam the cat to retain as much of his “kitty-ness” as he can.  We have regular play times together.  And we both enjoy it.

Yes, as adults, we all have responsibilities and I’m not suggesting you ignore those.  But I do hope you will approach your life and each day with a playful attitude.

This week, I’m had a bad case of casting on new projects.  We wont’ discuss just how many things I’ve got in the works.  But it’s a lot.


Maybe I’ll use some of my Rhinebeck haul.  Or maybe something totally new.  It’s fun to think of what’s next in the line up.  It’s fun just to look at the yarns.  Sam may play a little too much if I don’t put the yarns away.  He’s pretty good about it though for a kitten.

I’m also thinking of a few garden projects if we ever get consistently warm weather.  Might have to call in Michael to help me with that.  What he planted last year is for the most part thriving.

So what plans do you have for spring and what are you doing to play?

Whatever you do I hope you have FUN.