It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any pictures of my sweet cat Sam.  He’s now 8 months old.  And quite the handsome guy.


Here he is today out on the sunporch where he spends most of his time.  He doesn’t seem to mind the heat like I do.



He quickly became bored with me snapping his picture.  I could hear the “Someone, anyone, please take that camera away from her” unspoken by him.  He has a very expressive face and I tend to read his thoughts by his expressions.


Told you he got bored.  Here he is pretending if he shuts his eyes, I’ll go away.  Check out his gorgeous tail.  He’s classified as a medium haired cat, but that tail of his is definitely long-haired.  You should see it when he gets frightened.  It gets about as big around as his body.

I ended the torture of taking his picture when he rolled over and begged me to rub his tummy.  He knows how to work me.


6 thoughts on “Sam”

  1. This is a terrific insight into the mind of a catlover. A rare creature who actually finds enjoyment in occasional rejection, being the butt of disdain and revel in the adoration of a great warrior(ask any cat) in their life. The affection of a cat is so personal and individual as to make one overlook their aloofness.. J

  2. Hi,   It is good to know you are of good spirit and recognizant of the love in your life. My legs are almost healed. My trip to the Florida coast went longer than expected. The last few days were worth the extra effort. My very last day was very long, very rough water and the fishing was great.   I think about you often. I wonder how you and your father are dealing w/ the challenges you both face. I pray you are letting time and your inner strength  heal your soul. I’m sure Sam is upholding his part. I have no doubt you are in good hands or paws. I posted a comment on your e-mail. Your devoted friend, John


  3. Sam is such a gorgeous boy! I think he and Flo would make a ‘terrible twosome’ and get up to all sorts of mischief, don’t you?!

    1. He certainly has a lot of character. I’m glad he brings you so much enjoyment. My midnight feline Tinker has a similar tail plus the rest of her fur is that long as well. Makes it hard to tell how really small a body she has. She unlike Flo would have no tolerance for Sam as charming as he is. She is at least 14 yo and has 0 tolerance for anything but a kind caressing hand. She lives w/ 3 X 2yo’s and she ignores them totally and they stay out of her way.LOL John

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