What Do You Do to Relax?

Since I’m taking a bit of time off from work, my mind naturally turns to how will I amuse myself in these days of Covid.

I could do housework? HAHAHHAH! I crack myself up sometimes. I’m on vacation. Why would I want to do housework other than the day to day necessities?

I could take walks outside. That’s always a good option, but I can’t do that all day.

I could read a good book. I do love to read.

Or I could knit or crochet. I love to do handwork. And I enjoy starting a new project and choosing colors.

There are tons of options to occupy me. I just need to make choices. I’ll find things to delight me and refresh and relax me. But it would be lovely to have the option of being with friends and sharing time with them in person as we did in pre-covid times.

I have to remind myself to be patient. We are going through tough times. We need to be able to get creative with our free time and to look forward to when we can comfortably socialize in person again.

So how do you keep yourself busy in your downtime? What things do you enjoy doing these days? And what do you wish you could do that the continued pandemic keeps you from doing?

Looking forward to more normal times. But until then Milo, Sam and I will enjoy ourselves.

Stay safe. But find ways to enjoy life.